Corporate Identity

Excuse us sir, madam. Thank you for visiting our website. How about we get to know you? What is your name? Beautiful! Please describe yourself in five (5) words.

That is how you call yourself and that is how you perceive yourself. But if you have a beautiful name such as “Vivienne”,  but people out there confuse if for “Fifian”? Futhermore, what if you automatically assumed, because you are the same skin colour as their “thug” friend from another mother, that you are their friend? What if they went ahead and spread the ill reputation of their friend “Fifian”, as your reputation?

When it comes to Brand Identity for corporates, Rence, out of intensive research, great creativity and smooth execution will come up with an identity unique from any other so that your company’s logo doesn’t look like the other one your prospective clients have seen before, thereby demeaning the effort you have put in making your products and services unique. We ensure that your stationery are well designed. Not too fancy, and not just there. Just well to perform the functions expected, nothing else. Why? We realize that every way that you are remembered starts by how you introduce yourself to the market.

Now that we have established that we offer you the best, why not talk to us?