Ankara Restaurant Coffee Cups


Client: Bekas System Ltd. Brief: Help us package our coffee better! Rence Interactive was contracted to design, and did, coffee labels and plastic cups for Ankara Restaurant’s “Ankara Special Roasted Coffee Beans” coffee cup. Below is the design. And now you have a cuppa coffee craving, right?



Client: FarmTec (Agribusiness) Brief: Come up with a logo for our Symbian Mobile App and design the app’s user interface. We were contracted by FarmTec to design the user interface of their yet-to-be-launched mobile application, in addition to creatively designing the logo. Below is the logo concept that was approved.… Read more »

Mother’s Day eCard


Client: Redleopard Co. Limited (Marketing & Advertising) Brief: Quicky design for us an eCard for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Redleopard Co. Ltd needed an eCard for Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House, their client. Below is what the team at Rence Interactive came up with, and what was finally approved by… Read more »

Skyline Apartments Website


Client: Disney Skyline Apartments Brief: Do a beautiful website for us to showcase our beautiful apartments. Such beautiful apartments in Hurlingham also deserve a beautiful way to showcase them. And beautifully showcase them we did. Disney Skyline Apartments, a one-of-a-kind type of apartments in Kenya, worked with Rence Interactive to… Read more »

Corporate Stationery


Client: Optimal Performance (Social Uplifting Industry) Brief: Make us look beautiful, and professional. Optimal Performance, a Kenyan corporate that specializes in mentoring next generational leaders, engaged Rence Interactive to give it a strong corporate image, consistent with its incorporation. The finished corporate design artwork below that our company did speaks… Read more »

Elimisha Trust (AEDT) Website


Client: Smart Systems (on behalf of Elimisha Trust, Higher Education Industry) Brief: Come up with an online platform for prospective loanees to be able to get information about the organization and do online applications.   Smart Systems outsourced the web design and development of this project for their client, Elimisha… Read more »